Off-Highway Equipment

Meet the next emissions, comfort, and performance requirements

Major design challenge in the off-highway, agricultural and construction industry is to meet the next environmental regulation and at the same time to increase performance and comfort standards. This requires not only a further development of the components of the powerpack/powertrain systems but the introduction and integration of new components like exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), diesel particulate filters (DPFs), or selective catalytic reduction (SCR) which takes free space in the application and brings additional influence on the design like increased demand on the engine cooling system and higher exhaust system temperatures. In addition almost all applications have to operate in a wide range of ambient temperatures, different dust conditions and this should be without decreasing performance.

Thermal management of the powerpack/powertrain and the heat balance of the engine compartment are major design issues. Cooling airflow, fan performance and a appropriate cooler integration are strongly influenced by complex geometries and decreased available design space. The cooling air is making its way through a maze of pipes, cables, and other equipment. Consequently, the involvement of all these factors is crucial for the correct determination of the volume flow dependent pressure drop in the engine compartment (system impedance) and thus for the selection of a suitable fan.

Cover openings, grills, slats, cooler bonnets, heat exchangers, pipes and tubes, exhaust system, hydraulic components, etc. have to be optimized and placed for best performance and maximum efficiency. Sensitive electrical systems and sensors has to be protected with the help of heat shields by appropriate design, material selection and position.

Additional pressure on manufacturers and OEMs comes from customers' demand for improved quality, durability, comfort and operation in extreme environments and conditions. High comfort standards are only reached with sophisticated HVAC systems and in detail knowledge of cabin air conditioning, heat transfer and materials for thermal protection. 

Before building and testing a prototype, companies have to take huge amount of decisions in a short time, which are based on fundamental and in detail understanding of complex multidisciplinary process. Engineers and decision makers have to know as much as possible about the behavior of their application in the early design stage, when it is on the draft board and a design change has a small to zero snowball effect on the development costs and time. will help you to meet the next emissions, comfort, and performance requirements. Our methods combine latest state of the art computational fluid dynamics techniques and wide industry experience and understanding of the technical challenges. We provide consulting, high-end computation, simulation and analysis from a single source.

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Examples provides wide range of solutions for off-highway applications

Thermal Management

  • Cooling airflow & pressure resistance
  • Cabin air conditioning, HVAC system
  • Electronics and battery cooling
  • Engine compartment cooling
  • Full scale simulations
  • Thermal protection

Powerpack/Powertrain Design

  • Exhaust systems, exhaust piping
  • Grills, slats and protective grids
  • Hydrodynamic, aerodynamic & thermal loads
  • Airfan selection, integration
  • Cooler & cooler bonnets
  • Hoods/bonnets & covers
  • Pipes, tubes & air ducts
  • Heat exchanger

Hydraulics Design & Integration

  • Valves, quick connect couplings
  • Piping pressure drop
  • Fittings and blocks
  • Hydraulic tanks

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