Thermal simulation as a cost effective alternative or supplement to series of sophisticated experiments

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Thermal Management

  • Cooling airflow & pressure resistance

  • Cabin air conditioning, HVAC system

  • Electronics and battery cooling

  • Engine compartment cooling

  • Thermal protection

Powerpack/Powertrain Design

  • Exhaust systems, exhaust piping

  • Grills, slats and protective grids

  • Hydrodynamic, aerodynamic & thermal loads

  • Airfan selection, integration

  • Cooler & cooler bonnets

  • Hoods/bonnets & covers

  • Pipes, tubes & air ducts

  • Heat exchanger

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Fire Protection

  • Proofs of fire detectors acc. to EN 50553

  • Smoke prediction & concentration

Air Conditioning & Comfort (HVAC)

  • Window defrosting and demisting

  • Flow and temperature fields in passenger compartments and housings

  • Particle studies, particle separation in filters, air contamination, exhaust emissions

  • Humid air and condensation

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